Local Executive 2018 – current


Steven McCaw, MRT(R)
(519) 709-6634

The President of the Local shall enforce compliance with the Collective Agreement and regulations of the Union and Local. The President is responsible for chairing all meetings, including General Membership Meetings, Local Executive Committee meetings, etc. The President is also ex-officio member of all committees in the Local, attends Labour Management meetings, and attends any required information or voting sessions.

Our Local is large enough that our President is on full-time book-off, in order to better attend to our more serious issues in a timely manner.


Sandi Blancher, MLT

The Vice‑President shall perform all the Presidential functions during any absence of the President and accept and exercise such other duties and powers as may be designated by the President or Local Executive Committee. The Vice‑President may also attend all functions (including all regional meetings and Conventions) of the Union, in place of the President when the President cannot attend. .


Peter Masters, MRT(NM)

The Treasurer is primarily responsible for the administration of the funds of the Local, including the operating funds. The Treasurer is responsible for creating and presenting Treasurer’s Reports for each General Membership Meeting, as well as an annual Budget. They are also responsible for preparing all accounting records for auditing by the Trustees.

Secretary – position vacant

The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the Local and keep Minutes; distribute notices to all members of the Local, as required; answer and/or forward all pertinent correspondence; and forward all pertinent membership information to the appropriate union regional office.


Shirley Nan, MLT
Brenda King, MLA

The Trustees are responsible for examining all books, records, and financial details of the Local at least twice each year. The Trustees file an audit report to Head Office at least once in every six months. The Trustees shall be elected at a general membership meeting from among the members and may not hold any other office in any Local.